Baby Bum Brush, Mini Diaper Rash Ceram Applicator with Travel Case, Soft Flexible Silicone, Unique Gift for Boys and




GENTLE FOR BOY AND GIRL BABYS SKIN: We invented the Baby Bum Brush to gently apply ointment to my own little ones sensitive skin. Diaper cream creates a thick barrier for protecting sensitive skin and healing a diaper rash. Keep your fingers clean from diaper cream with the ORIGINAL mom invented Baby Bum Brush.
SOFT, FLEXIBLE SILICONE: The Baby Bum Brush is made of pure soft flexible silicone and is safe and gentle on sensitive skin. The silicone is BPA-free and completely toxin-free to help ensure your infants health and safety. This product is also compliant with California Proposition 65. Give your baby relief from diaper rash or eczema.
CLEANER DIAPER CREAM APPLICATION : Diaper cream goes on smoother, thicker, and faster with our incredible diaper rash spatula. Simply scoop a generous amount of cream onto the brush then rub it on your babys butt. Once the cream thoroughly covers your babys bottom, wipe the brush clean with an antibacterial wipe! You can use it for boys and girls.
CONVENIENT SUCTION CUP BASE: Spreading diaper cream with your fingers becomes even messier when babies are wiggly during a diaper change. The handy suction cup base always you to quickly stand the brush upright on any flat surface. This way you wont get diaper cream all over your baby dresser!
SMALL AND PORTABLE: This brush measures at approximately 4 inches, making it the perfect size for travel but large enough to get to the bottom of your favorite diaper cream jar. Use with desisting, butt paste, Aquaphor, honest, dr. smiths, Vaseline, natural, or any of your favorite moisturizer barrier cream. Just toss in your diaper bag and go! Its suction cup base will secure to any flat surface, so you can bring it with you into public restrooms when you need to use the changing table.


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